Reasons For Fall In Love With BirdsBeep - The Best Chatting Apps

Reasons For Fall In Love With BirdsBeep - The Best Chatting Apps

June 18th 2018 06:14 AM

Some of the Reasons for fall in love with BirdsBeep best chatting app is voice and Text features, Broadcast your location, Lock Conversation . Read More.

Reasons BirdsBeep is awesome! Read!

Features and Benefits:

Features and Benefits


  • Voice and text chat

Preference oriented voice and text chat enables you to initiate and/or join smart, new-age conversation that least feels virtual but more normal.

  • Send pictures

Whether you are in a voice, video, single or group chatting, you can still send multiple pictures - that too in your priority quality; without adding a stop in the ongoing communication.

  • Share music

Love music? You can send multiple music files in as many qualities as you want while chatting with friends and others. All in a jiffy!

  • Hide/show chat conversation

Reorganize your priorities and stop others invade your privacy.

  • Send random gifts

Show some love to someone you care. Choose from a variety of awesome gifts.



  • Manage Profile and add album
  • User can search contacts by number, name, email
  • Straus history of users
  • Message seen status
  • Real time contact synchronization
  • Broadcast my location
  • Auto backup locally and backup on a server
  • Encrypt messages
  • Lock selected conversation with password
  • Customizable appearance
  • Emoticons
  • Junior boundary
  • Private and public profile
  • Show what you are listening to
  • Email conversation history

For a comprehensive list of the features, we recommend you visit the features section in the BirdsBeep website.

All of these features standout, and play an active role in making the chat application genuinely awesome.


However, with this article we will highlight only a few - as few as four features - that truly serves great functions


However, with this article we will highlight only a few - as few as four features - that truly serves great functions

  • Broadcast My Location

Broadcast your current global location across your contacts. Let people find it easy to search you or let people know if you are nearby them.


  • Scheduling Message Delivery

Send messages when you need, when the recipient you think would read. This multiplies chances of readability.


  • Lock Selected Conversation With Password

Lock conversation you want to protect with the password only you know.


  • Manage Notification Beep

You can adjust the beep sound settings for every notification you receive online according to your personal preferences.


All of these features and more make BirdsBeep awesome!

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