How You Can Accelerate Learning through Mobile Chat Applications

How You Can Accelerate Learning through Mobile Chat Applications

January 29th 2018 01:35 AM

Mobile chat applications or Instant messaging application are being integrated into interactive learning process. Read this blog to know more about or Instant messaging applications like BirdsBeep

Mobile Chat applications are redefining the entire concept of learning


Content of the article

  • The realization of wisdom
  • Pinpointed strategies to holistically integrate technology into learning modules
  • The future of mobile chat in education industry
  • Challenges and opportunities
  • Concluding remarks - The future as we see it today

The realization of wisdom

Gone are the days of traditionally defined set of educational system. Today institutions - big or small - are learning to adapt with changes and readily integrating newer technologies in order to keep up with the pace of time. It is a good sign that institutions are pondering over newer technologies to technically well-equip tomorrow's decision makers today. They are not hesitating to break away from the traditional barriers of communication and using newer ways to bring interactivity into education. The results are outstanding. They can easily channelize their work productivity, streamline their educational system, and most importantly define articulated set of modules that build strong characters in students.

Pinpointed strategies to holistically integrate technology into learning modules

Mobile chat applications are being integrated into interactive learning process. Here are some case examples:

A faculty from a distant part of the world who happens to be a subject matter expert is training students located in a remote area, using chat application.

A group of alumni of an educational institution is forming growing communities to cherish memories, keeping themselves updated with new learning modules.

The above are just some of the case examples how educational institutions and people whose lives they touch can benefit using mobile chat applications. The usage is not restricted within these. The ability of the chat applications to keep users informed in real-time, their ability to send and receive multimedia messages, making groups, integrating multi channel communication are all redefining what we call interactive communication.

The future of mobile chat in education industry

The way technology is progressing, it can be easily concluded that the future of mobile applications is bright. The tomorrow's chat application would integrate even better way of communicating with stakeholders. Dedicated education-based channels, integration of education-oriented bots, integration of machine learning and AI will enhance the overall mode of communication and thus streamline and improve its overall process making students better equipped with newer learning.

Challenges and opportunities

Adaptability with change although taking place is not as expected. There are still a lot of educational institutions who are yet to jump into the digital wave. The entire scope of informed education depends on its effectiveness, and it can be useful only when teachers know what they teach.

The use of chat applications and their usefulness should be vitally taught to the trainers before they pass on the information. However, with smart phones making way into everyday life, teachers and students are already getting familiarizing with its scope and integrating it with education is thus not a very tough task when proper courses are designed

Concluding remarks - The future as we see it today

The future is bright and more interactive than today. Mobile Chat applications with enhanced variety of features are expected to redefine the entire scope of communication.

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