Most Used Emojis In Chatting Applications

Most Used Emojis In Chatting Applications

August 21st 2017 02:03 AM

Most used Emojis In Chatting Applications which are great in the sense that they convey your emotions in a far simple way

Emojis are great in the sense that they convey your emotions in a far simple way; they can help you receive bitter comments positively. Learn more as we unearth some of the core facts about emojis.

These days, you can literally find Emojis almost everywhere; beyond where they are initially destined for. You can find them on social media, books, games... almost everywhere - more than only on chatting applications.

With this article, we will cover a few things related with emojis; such as -

  • What is emoji?
  • What are the benefits of emojis?
  • The most popular types of emojis on the internet

Read on, should you want us to clear any query or need better explanation on the coverage; please feel free to comment on the article.

Emojis are a language on their own. They mean picture character in Japanese. Using them, we can express our emotions. Most importantly, emojis can help us express emotions, which we could not do merely by writing.

Definition of emojis

According to online dictionaries, emojis a small digital image or icon used to express an idea or emotion in electronic communication.

Benefits of emojis

They make the user more popular and distinct on social media - Research points out positive emoticons can be a social media status maker.

We react to the emoticons as if they are human face - We as human being quickly understands and grabs the inherent message reflected in the face of emoticons

They can also be used organically in business setting - They are increasingly being used to promote communication in organic and fully high range and professional setting

They soften the blow of criticism - Workplace emoticons when used to convey a message, most specifically a negative feedback, helps the person who receives the feedback feel good about it and then work

They help you seem more mobile friendly and up to the date

They develop happier, more connected and mutually understanding bond

The most popular types of emojis

Now, coming to the topic of today's blog, there are a lot of emojis that are doing the rounds on the Internet because of their apparent popularity. Despite that, if their popularity is tracked according to this website, the most common emojis as far as this moment of writing this article include

  • The face with tears of joy
  • Heavy black heart
  • Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes
  • Black heart suit
  • Loudly crying face
  • Smiling face with smiling eyes
  • Unamused face
  • Black universal recycle symbol
  • Two hearts
  • Face throwing a kiss

These are the top ten emotions expressed through the help of emojis as of now, according to the website mentioned.

So, you can see the nature of emojis and how popular they are. Emojis are one of the fastest growing sets of emotions highly used in the form of comical character. To learn more about emojis, to download secured chatting applications that seamlessly help you connect with your friends, please click the website.

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